>From an email I sent today. Thought it was fitting to post here in case anyone ever actually checks my blog and worried.


It’s rare for me to get upset at anyone other than myself. The timing wasn’t the best last night. (Self-doubt, self-doubt, self-doubt.)

I hadn’t heard from G in a long time, but just got a card. I miss that woman. She had some problems but sounds like she is doing better. She wrote that she was happy that I was “really something around there” and that she was proud of my success. Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep me going. I’m going to send her a card soon. Hopefully we can get back in touch and keep in touch with each other.

I don’t make a bunch of (read: enough) money and feel like I’m a lesser person because I start comparing my apples to your oranges. Know what I mean?

Thank you for the emails today.





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