>So, yeah… Candy called me a yuppie. I’m not sure how to take that. I always thought that I really hate yuppies.

Is there such thing as a bleeding heart liberal yuppie? Do they make those?

And, no…. I’ve not dropped to yuppie scum status. No hummers with environmental plates here. Thank you.

It just makes me so full of emotion I don’t know exactly how to express it. Hm… technically, yuppie means

young urban professional. A category I can’t deny. Though yuppie brings up many other images to me….

Just not a good feeling overall.

Obviously I’m not the only one. Did someone say Eau du Fruit?

And from the SAY WHAT?!? files. Bowlingual? And have you even heard of conflict diamonds? And, I just remembered why I went online tonight… TASTES LIKE CHICKEN! No kidding, it actually says that.


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