>Good freaking grief.

I got my second noise complaint letter in as many years today.

Nice, considering that I was “shocked and awed” by the last one. Last time around (when I was “thumping”) I calmly called the apt. management company and requested that I receive a phone call during the time of the next incident. Apparently that wasn’t enough.

This time, I was “playing loud music, hammering, and making a noise that sounded like I was moving furniture around and that this occurs frequently”. Considering that I very rarely listen to music and that I can remember one (1) time that I played it loudly, I haven’t hammered anything in the last year or so, and that a few weeks ago I moved around some furniture (on a Sunday afternoon)… I’m just a wee bit ticked off.

What happened to that phone call that I made asking to be notified at the time of the “loud noises”?

On paper, I probably look like an extremely loud hellish neighbor. Not something I need to follow me to my next apt.

So, guess what kids, I’m going to respond in writing this time. I may even send it via certified mail. That should get some attention, eh?

I have a funny feeling that I need to sleep on this one though, so I don’t write a complete nastygram and get myself kicked out.

That and I fully intend to meet the majority of my neighbors within the next week. Just a friendly hello. But, I want to have names with faces. I want to them to have names with faces. I want to wear a twinset and let it be KNOWN that I am not a loud person. On the outside anyway. 😉


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