>I had a bang up Monday. Or rather, I feel banged up at the end of Monday.

Found out that I’m the last minute filler person for the FDIC conference this week.

Which is kind of cool, in a “I wonder if I’ll meet some cute firefighter chick” way. But not so cool, in the “I have to play nice with my least favorite director” kind of way.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

I got the Larry Bird bobblehead doll for Mark. My lame ass ordered a pizza so I wouldn’t have to look someone in the eye and ask for a bobblehead. I don’t think I can even say that without bobbing my head.

What else, hmm…. there is a PRSA dealie on Thursday evening that I’d like to go to… it’s all about the networking darling… but I’m going to be stuck at the firefighters deal until 9 or so.

One day, one day, I say. I think there is supposed to be a single women’s din-din on Thursday too. But, I haven’t noticed an invitation/announcement lately. Did I miss it? Or was the last one just so freaking lame that “maybe no one will notice there isn’t one this month”.


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