>Yes, I realize that in most areas of the US it is very very early in the morning.

I am closer to sober than I’ve been previously at this hour, so…

Let me tell you a little story.

We met a guy/man/kid (age 28) who reminded me why I swore never to wait tables.

This guy has lived in Chicago, Hawaii and Spain. He is currently living in Indianapolis and is waiting tables.

But, wait…. there’s more.

He completed a degree in Spanish, spend several years in Americorps and went on a total mind trip thinking that he can “live phat for now” by working at night and volunteering during the day.

So sorry, but you want in on a little secret?

He’ll be waiting tables for the rest of his life.

Caught in the trap.

Easy money. Easy hours. Easy excuses. Not a good thing. The guy admits to knowing better. Yet he continues.

End of story.




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